Helping enterprises bring efficiency and 100% reporting accuracy in your TDS lifecycle.

TDS corrections, notices and assessments can be so time-consuming. Not only does it take dealing with a great amount of historic data but also slows down core activities of your finance department. TDS Compliance including advisory on appropriate withholdings, filing of TDS returns, issuing Form-16A’s, managing lower deduction certificates is no longer a core function and is best done by experts who deal with it day in and day out.

With us & our expertise of managing over 1 million line-items a quarter spread over 22,000 vendors & 60,000 employees, you can be rest assured of efficiencies we can bring to you.

Case Studies

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Our exclusive 14 step validation ensures your data is error-free before uploading to TRACES, thereby reducing incorrect tax credit queries or demands.

Large Scale

Our systems, softwares & processes are built to perform at scale. So, 3k employees or 30k, we can handle them all.

Reporting &

Our monthly reports and analytics help you take critical business decisions w.r.t TDS compliance.

End to End

Corrections, notices, demands? We do it all. Want us to meet your assessing officer to solve a problem? Done.

Proactive Updates
to Clients

Since we are an approved TIN-FC, we get updates faster. Now, who wants old information, right?

Undeniable Knowledge
& Expertise

Whether it is 24Q or 27EQ, from domestic to cross border transactions, we know what we talk about.


Regular ETDS Filings - 24Q, 26Q, 27Q & 27EQ

Correction ETDS Filing

Solving Demands, notices

Form 16A issuance to vendors

Year end Part-A & Part-B audit

Advisory for 100% TDS Compliance

TDS Compliance Assurance Audit

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