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Compensation has always been a competitive advantage to attract & retain talent and more so in 2021 when talent costs are skyrocketing. Employers are expected to balance the needs of their employees (paying lower taxes, more take home) while ensuring control over liabilities, retirals, administration and 100% compliance.

Relativity’s team of payroll and tax professionals assess all the options of not just salary but the whole gamut of Comp & Ben for a tax efficient & optimized salary structure.

After understanding the pay structure & heads, our experts in line with all the acts in force, suggest necessary changes based on your objectives and broader industry practices. So, whether you are just starting up or have 3000 employees, Relativity’s Salary restructuring is a go-to solution for a legally compliant, tax efficient salary structure.

Case Studies

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Undeniable knowledge
& expertise

Undertaken by a senior team credited with 200 man-years of experience with 100’s of satisfied projects.


Nothing is worth non-compliance & our understanding of a multitude of central and state laws ensures this.

mile service

We can assist you with selecting capable vendors for execution of the revised compensation & benefits plan.


Apart from Salary Restructuring, we can also manage implementation of the changes in your organization.

Support for
6 months

All regulatory changes up to 6 months are supported to ensure compliance.

Data &
logic driven

Throw the guess work away & be impressed with our data driven and logical approach, which are second to none.


What all we do?

Purpose and Analysis of Existing Salary structure

Study of Existing C&B policies

Objectives and Goals of Salary Restructuring

Gap assessment with baseline controls

Gap assessment with organizations demographics

Recommendations of Revised structure

Framing Standard Operating Procedures

How we engage?

Salary Restructuring as a Service

Salary Restructuring (C-B-S) workshops

Comp & Benefits Audits


1Why salary restructuring is too important for corporates?
Ans: Salary restructuring helps corporate employees to reduce their tax liabilities and increase their take-home without changing the total salary. More tax-free components with well-designed benefit packages play a vital role in employee recruitment and retention. At the same time, Corporate will keep the operational costs low & turn over high.
2Do you provide a tax-friendly salary structure as per the new wage code 2022?
Yes, Relativity’s salary restructuring is a go-to solution for a legally compliant, tax-friendly salary structure as per the new wage code 2022.
3Does Relativity help to reduce taxes by adding more tax-free salary components?
At Relativity, our experts understand the pay structure & heads, in line with all the acts and suggest necessary changes based on your objectives and help to reduce taxes efficiently.

Why Choose Relativity?

  • Data Security & Confidentiality

    Your Data Security is our Priority # 1

    Trust & Integrity is our top-most business value, the top reasons payrolls are outsourced is for confidentiality. Our access controlled facilities, restricted data access, encryption of PII data, secure development practices, data compartmentalization, secure network, web and application infrastructure, all are a part of our commitment for your Data Security & Confidentiality.
  • 100% Process Oriented

    Always consistent, on-time & accurate, month on month.

    Over the last 10 years, we have mastered the art of what we do. No matter who is your SPOC at Relativity, everyone follows the same process, day in and day out. Our 165+ processes, checklists & SOP’s ensure our work is always consistent, on-time & accurate.
  • Professional Expertise at its best

    Knowledge is power. We know what we do. Nothing Less.

    When you look for an outsourcing partner, you need someone who has proven expertise, is proactive and is reliable. All our senior executives are industry Experts and thought leaders in their space & actively oversee organizational processes & skill development. This ensures there is nothing less than the best for our clients!
  • Technology Driven

    Scalability, Reliability and Efficiency enhanced

    With our own tech team in-house, we constantly look at technology to solve business challenges for us and for you. Being one of our competitive factors, our regular investments in enhancing our deliverables enabled by tech, ensures you can give greater employee experience at optimal costs and encourages a culture of transparency and self-accountability.


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