1What services are included in Relativity's Payroll Outsourcing?
The services included are Salary Calculation to Disbursement, Statutory Compliances which includes Provident Fund (PF), Employee State Insurance (ESI), Professional Tax (PT), Labour Welfare Fund (LWF) Compliance, Employee Self Service Portal, TDS calculations, Investment Declarations & Proofs, Reimbursements, FBPas an End to End solution.
2Do you manage Compliance and Taxation in your payroll processing service?
Yes, we manage both the compliance & taxation as fully managed services in our payroll processing service.
3Does Relativity's Payroll Service have Employee Self Service Portal or employee tool?
Yes. There is an exclusive Employee Self Service portal for employees under Relativity’s Payroll service. The Employee self-service tool has various features & modules. Few to mention are the
  • Monthly Pay Slip Generation
  • Tax Computation Report
  • Tax Calculator
  • Investment Proof Declaration
  • Tax Proof Submission
  • Download Form-16
4How user-friendly is Relativity's ESS (employee portal)?
The Employee portal from Relativity is a very user-friendly portal,
  • Minimal & Simplistic User Interface
  • Easy to Operate & Use
  • Automated Workflow
  • Quick Completion of any work
  • FAQs and Demo’s for assistance
5How does pricing structure works for payroll service?
Relativity’s payroll service pricing structure based on company’s employee size.
6How does the customer support work for Payroll Outsourcing services?
Our customer service is wide and vivid via Email support as a ticketing system, helpdesk, and always available at your beck & call.
7How secure is my data with Relativity's payroll processing service?
Data at Relativity is 100% secure and confidential.
  • TLS 1.2 Encryption – The Most Up-to-date Encryption Standard used today
  • 256 Bit SSL Bank Grade Security Architecture with SHA-2 2048 Key Size
  • Portal Enforces protection against DOS & DDOS Attack
  • Completely Encrypted Storage of PII(Personal Identifiable Information)
8Do you integrate with existing HRMS system?
Yes, we do have the integration with other HRMS systems that has support to integrate with our Relativity’s ESS portal.
9Why I should outsource payroll with Relativity?
Payroll is all about how accurate and timely delivered with right direction of compliance. Relativity is known for Accuracy, On-Time Delivery, and 100% Compliant delivery to its customers. We are well-known for our knowledge expertise in the industry and called as ComplianceExperts.
10What are the Top payroll companies in India?
ADP, Allsec Technologies, Zoho Payroll and Relativity are top most payroll companies in India.
11Why Payroll outsourcing is better than the payroll software?
Payroll outsourcing services is better for one big reason being enhanced assistance and always you can be assured with the updated knowledge in handling the system as per laws. In Relativity’s blog, we have detailed article, eBook & webinar presented video about Payroll outsourcing is better than the payroll software. Refer here
12To what kind of companies do you provide payroll services?
Our payroll service can be apt for SME and SMBs starting from a startup company to companies which has employee size upto 2500 for payroll outsourcing service. For Large enterprises the solutions with payroll outsourcing differs and most customized as per need of the companies.
13Do you service multi location payroll?
Yes. our payroll services are rendered at 16 major cities in India which includes Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Cochin, Trivandrum, Pondicherry, Hosur, Vishakhapatnam and Goa.
14Can small companies outsource payrolls to Relativity?
Yes, Small companies can also outsource their payrolls to Relativity. As an end to end solution it is very convenient for the small companies to manage their payroll services as a hassle free system.
15What services do you provide for Enterprise clients?
Enterprise company’srequirements are all mostly customized to their requirement and we solution the service at its best to suit their need. Some of the customised services are:
  • Q-ETDS Compliance End to End service
  • Year End Tax Proof Management activity service
  • Quarterly Filing of 24Q TDS returns management
  • Digitalization and Issuance of Form-16 service
  • Reconciliation of payroll tax calculations
  • Reconciliation of payroll data with TDS data
  • Any specific HR and payroll audits
  • Consultation on HR policies, procedures and laws


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