Payroll & Tax Lodgement is re-invented. You shouldn’t be left out.

Enterprises love automation, optimization, efficient use of resources and improved employee experience. This is exactly what our Payroll and Tax lodgement solution can help you achieve. When large employee size is paired with multiple locations, sub-entities, on-site/remote workers, significant resources (people, time and money) are required to achieve certain payroll functions like month and year-closings.

With our expertise in working with such scenarios, in-house tech team, customized ESS abilities and local presence, we can reduce direct, indirect costs, optimize processes achieving quicker & accurate closure of payroll month & year, all this while significantly enhancing employee experience and organizational compliance.

Case Studies

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Data Security
& Confidentiality

The #1 reason why lodgements are outsourced to us & our systems & processes ensure it remains that way.


Every enterprises needs are different. Whether you want a SSO integration or IFWK protocols, we are ready.

The Right

Not as pricey as the other global vendors who run payroll for you, we bring cost efficiencies over a period of time.


Dedicated account managers do help. If you give us sufficient work and a place, we help ourselves at your premises.

and Analytics

Each task, query, activity is monitored and logged in and SLA is ensured. Monthly reports of the decided metrics for you to be at peace.

End to End

From reimbursements, FNF settlements, new joinee declarations, bills vouching to year end tax proofs, we do it all.


The 3 Building Blocks of Payroll Lodgement

  • Vouching monthly submissions
  • QETDS Compliance End to End
  • Year End Tax Proof Management

Vouching Monthly Submissions

  • New Joinee Declarations
  • Data for FNF of exit / separated employees
  • Regular Car lease submissions
  • Other specific FBP Bill submissions

QETDS Compliance End to End

  • Reconciliation of payroll data with TDS data
  • Quarterly Filing of 24Q TDS returns
  • Part-A & Part-B Audit
  • Digitalization and issuance of Part-A & Part-B

Year End Tax Proof Management

  • Proposing calendars and schedules
  • Proposing KPI’s and Metrics to be achieved
  • Proposing Tax Proof Submission Guidelines inline with the Finance Act
  • Proposing employee communications (emails, presentations, templates, etc)
  • Enabling ESS Portal for usage
  • Monitoring and reporting submission progress
  • Vouching tax proofs received
  • Verified data in legacy data formats such as SAP reports, excel, csv, etc for import in your payroll service provider or payroll software
  • Reconciliation of payroll tax calculation

Why Choose Relativity?

  • Data Security & Confidentiality

    Your Data Security is our Priority # 1

    Trust & Integrity is our top-most business value, the top reasons payrolls are outsourced is for confidentiality. Our access controlled facilities, restricted data access, encryption of PII data, secure development practices, data compartmentalization, secure network, web and application infrastructure, all are a part of our commitment for your Data Security & Confidentiality.
  • 100% Process Oriented

    Always consistent, on-time & accurate, month on month.

    Over the last 10 years, we have mastered the art of what we do. No matter who is your SPOC at Relativity, everyone follows the same process, day in and day out. Our 165+ processes, checklists & SOP’s ensure our work is always consistent, on-time & accurate.
  • Professional Expertise at its best

    Knowledge is power. We know what we do. Nothing Less.

    When you look for an outsourcing partner, you need someone who has proven expertise, is proactive and is reliable. All our senior executives are industry Experts and thought leaders in their space & actively oversee organizational processes & skill development. This ensures there is nothing less than the best for our clients!
  • Technology Driven

    Scalability, Reliability and Efficiency enhanced

    With our own tech team in-house, we constantly look at technology to solve business challenges for us and for you. Being one of our competitive factors, our regular investments in enhancing our deliverables enabled by tech, ensures you can give greater employee experience at optimal costs and encourages a culture of transparency and self-accountability.


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