We are officially ISO certified!

ISO Journey:

Relativity was certified for ISO/IEC 27001:2017 on August 30th, 2023. Getting this certification was a really worthwhile endeavour for us as a payroll processing business managing the personal information of more than 185+ clients. When we decided ISO 27001 was our goal for 2023, Vaishnavi R was nominated to lead the programme. Alongside were other team members, like Kishore Kumar from the IT team, Kiruthika R from the IT team, and Sowmya S from the Human Resources Department, who were there with us and contributed greatly from the beginning of the project until we got certified. Also, other staff members contributed to the certification process.

Why have we decided to get the certificate?

We must take the necessary actions to guarantee that appropriate security measures are implemented, since security is crucial for every organisation. The best method for ensuring that we correctly manage our information security is to adhere to ISO 27001. Because of the nature of our business, obtaining ISO 27001 certification will guarantee the security and protection of our clients' data and information, no matter where they live.

In terms of information security, we were able to provide our clients with information security best practices in addition to strengthening our own internal cyber-security posture. Ultimately, this approach helped us to enhance our approach towards information security management systems

ISO Certification: