06 December 2017
Finance is doing more than ever before
Says PwC. What's changing ?
For Finance Head's
3 Ways Finance Leaders Can Adopt Finance Transformation In The New Age
Transformation and Change are the most common buzzwords we get to hear. Is the buzz for real? How prepared are we? Read on to know more.
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Recent Updates
Payroll & Compliance
Employers are gearing up for collection and verification of Tax Proofs for the current FY. Do you have questions or concerns?Ask us
EPFO gets one step closure to have it subscriber base benefit from the Stock market investments.More news here
EPFO issues a clarification on Filing due dates for exempted establishments. Filings to be completed on or before 25th of the next month.Notification is here
Anyone can create a UAN, irrespective of whether they are working or now. A Welcome move.Notification here
Finance & Taxation
Advance Tax Due date on 15th December. 75% of tax on expected income to be paid.
Major changes to the Foreign Investment Rules in India. FDI now under RBI's regulation.Summary of changes here
Reading from our Blog
4 Ways Payroll Outsourcing Improves your Productivity
Running a business in today’s age is challenging. It requires extra-ordinary dedication & focus of the business owner among many other things. Business owners like wearing multiple hats but given the competitive business scenario, it doesn’t help anymore.
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10 Team Building Strategies To Strengthen Employee Ties
Never tire to hire – This seems to be the chant-mantra of all HR teams. The demand for new hires may plummet or peak from time to time, but it never freezes. Choosing the right people for your business is similar to the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
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Webinar Aadhar UAN Linking
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