EPFO – (UAN) Seminar held at CPC, Coimbatore.


A featured speaker of the event was Mr. Akash V. Mahagaonkar, Head-Operations & Business Development of Relativity on Friday 14th Aug’14 on the title “EPFO – (UAN) – How to Implement, Challenges and Solutions for Organisation”.   The CPC seminar was filled with more than 100 participants with eminent employers participated from in and around Coimbatore Region.  The lecturing was in-depth about

  • What is Seeding of KYC? How to complete this error-free & with minimal effort?
  • UAN wants employer’s to authenticate all KYC documents. How to implement this?
  • What happens is employees do not submit KYC documents in time?
  • How to handle employees who do not have access to Internet (or) are not tech-savvy?
  • Risk of Digital Signatures and Privacy issues
  • What would be the process for New-Joinees?
  • In large organizations such as yours, how would you be sure of being fully compliant to these requirements?


The session was very interactive and more of practical problems were discussed, solutions were suggested. The presentation struck a chord with Mr.Ramesh from AMPO Values India Pvt. Ltd, who remarked “This training is very useful for me to do my work at “Best”.  Thank you for providing us this training session.”

Relativity, being The Compliance Experts, we believe in sharing the knowledge & expertise we have accumulated over a period of Time.

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